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Quebec Introduces Incentives With New Work-life Balance Certification

The government of Quebec has recently introduced new incentives for businesses to promote work-life balance, through its “work-family balance certification” initiative.  Public sector and private sector employers as well as other groups in Quebec may apply for Quebec’s work-family balance certification, which consists of a rating from one to four depending upon the amount of points awarded to the employer. Employers will receive points for, among other things, providing flexible work schedules, day-care arrangements and a compressed work week.

Quebec has already implemented measures to promote work-life balance through its Financial Support Program launched in 2009 which targeted small and medium-sized businesses as well as nonprofit organizations, business associations, and trade unions.

So far Quebec is the only province to initiate an accreditation program to encourage work-life balance. The success of this program may lead to similar initiatives in Ontario and the other provinces.

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