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Navigating the Rough Waters of Vaccination Policies: Our Thoughts on the Toughest Questions

Employers across Ontario are wrestling with the legal challenges associated with preparing vaccination policies, including how to respond to employees who refuse to get vaccinated, and how to cope with other employees who expect strict vaccine mandates.  This webinar will provide valuable insight and practical guidance.

The Webinar discussed:

  • The legal status of mandatory vaccinations and the general duty clause under the OHSA
  • Is a recommendation from a local Chief Medical Officer legally binding?
  • What qualifies as a disability under human rights law?
  • How do the professional obligations of physicians impact the ability of employees to get medical notes?
  • What qualifies as a religious exemption under human rights law?
  • Is there a way to distinguish between religious and political beliefs?
  • Is regular mandatory testing an alternative?
  • Can employees refuse to work with non-vaccinated colleagues?