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Workplace Violence: The Ten-Point Workplace Violence Prevention Strategy

Benefits of This Program:

  • Understanding dynamics at play, with case studies, sample policies, and a violence prevention checklist
  • Insights into the scope of the problem: causal factors, impact of health and safety, workers’ compensation and human rights obligations
  • 10-Point Workplace Violence Prevention Strategy with many detailed how-to’s for coming to grips with the problem


  • What behaviours should be considered problematic in dealing with violence
  • Key aspects of developing a workplace violence prevention program
  • How to respond when an incident occurs
  • How statute and judge-made laws increasingly protect workers from violence


Facts, Statistics and Definitions

  • Defining workplace violence and most common perpetrators and victims
  • Harassment as a precursor to violence
  • Issue of violence in Canada
  • Statistics and case examples from around the world
  • Multiple forms of workplace violence

Legal Provisions Touching on Violence and Violence Prevention

  • Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Obligations and potential liabilities to victims and perpetrators
  • Pre-employment testing, screening, and inquiries
  • Harassment and discrimination prevention strategies
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Obligations and potential liabilities
  • Practical Strategies and violence prevention policies
  • The Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
  • Civil liability
  • Liability to victims and perpetrators
  • Collective agreement obligations and grievances

Ten Point Workplace Violence Prevention Strategy

  • Workplace violence risk assessment
  • Psychological profile to look for
  • Workplace history and histories of violence at similar workplaces
  • Risk factors associated with violence
  • Implementation of physical and procedural steps to limit opportunities for violence
  • Role of Ministry of Labour in ordering an employer to take steps
  • Steps a prudent employer should take in a given situations:
  • workplace design and layout
  • changes to administrative and work practices
  • policies for existing and dismissed employees
  • security systems
  • Pre-employment screening and hiring guidelines, interview questions, and reference checks
  • Training of personnel to recognize warning signs and diffuse potential aggressors
  • The Human Rights Code
  • Human Rights Code limitations on what can be asked and when
  • Internal violence prevention policy: zero tolerance for violence, potential violence, or weapons
  • Key elements and sample policies
  • Procedures to encourage internal reporting of all violent, aggressive, harassing, and potentially violent conduct or comments
  • What to do when someone has been identified as “weird” but has not actually been engaged in violent behaviour
  • What to do if someone says he or she has a “hit list” of management employees
  • Handling an employee charged with assault in an incident that occurred outside the workplace
  • Prompt internal investigation and resolution mechanisms
  • Using an external investigator
  • Who to involve in an internal investigation
  • Do’s and Don’ts of investigation
  • Immediate and legally-appropriate consequences for violent behaviour, including discipline and discharge
  • Issues of evidence and credibility
  • Determining “just cause” for discipline or discharge
  • Consideration of mitigating/aggravating factors
  • Need to balance the consequences for both victim and perpetrator
  • Workplace violence training and education including training of personnel to assist in counselling, discipline, and discharge with or without repercussions
  • Employee assistance programs for individuals experiencing stress and personal problems
  • Knowledge of external resources for crisis response

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