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There’s an Inspector at the Door! How to Respond to Occupational Health and Safety Inspections and Investigations

Benefits of This Program:

  • Awareness of Ontario’s Ministry of Labour aggressiveness in enforcing occupational health and safety rules and prosecution for non-compliance
  • Learn to act decisively and appropriately with a Ministry of Labour representative


Making the Best of A Bad Situation: Initial Handling of the Accident Investigation

  • Statutory obligation to preserve scene and to cooperate
  • Statutory obligation of notification requirements and accident reports
  • Obstruction charges Establishing positive and informed point of contact for Ministry of Labour investigator
  • Importance of point of contact to maintain privileged and confidential files and materials

Your Accident Report and Third Party Reports

  • Orders for expert advice by the Ministry of Labour
  • Key steps for initiating own investigation
  • Protecting confidentiality and privilege respecting internal accident report and expert reports

Statements From Supervisors and Senior Management

  • Is there a right to remain silent given the obligation to cooperate
  • Practical strategies for providing information but not signing a statement
  • Importance of cooperative stance for supervisors and senior management


  • Handling arrival of Ministry of Labour with a warrant
  • Handling attempts to seize privileged and confidential reports and files, internal investigation, and expert reports
  • Searches without warrant: can you refuse to co-operate or refuse entry

Developing an Accident Response Plan

  • Preparing the organization for a visit from an Inspector

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