WSIB Announces New Rebate Program for Employers

Time Published on October 07, 2021 User Stringer LLP

The Ontario government has announced that it intends to introduce legislation that, if passed, would permit a portion of the WSIB's surplus to be distributed amongst “safe” employers.

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Is it work-related? Novel workers’ compensation decisions deal with harassment and assault

Time Published on May 18, 2017

It may seem fairly obvious when a worker breaks her leg “in the course of employment”. However, injuries and illnesses related to bullying and harassment have drawn significant attention in recent years, and decisions from various workers’ compensation tribunals across the country illustrate that determining the work-relatedness of such injuries is no simple task.

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Early Bird Registration Now Open: 16th Annual Employment Law Conference

Time Published on March 03, 2015

Early Bird registration now open for the 16th Annual Ontario Employment Law Conference in Mississauga.

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Back to Basics: HRTO Follows Figliola and Refuses to Allow Relitigation of WSIB Claim

Time Published on December 05, 2014

 A recent decision from the HRTO indicates that Figliola can still serve to protect the finality of a workers’ compensation tribunal decision

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Class Action Employment Lawsuit Filed Against Canadian Hockey League

Time Published on October 20, 2014

A freshly filed class action lawsuit combines two current trends in employment litigation: a crackdown on unpaid positions and enforcement by class action.

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Register Now for our Complimentary, Quarterly HR-Law Webinar

Time Published on July 07, 2014

Registration now open!

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Workers can Simultaneously Receive WSIB LOE Benefits and ESA Termination Pay

Time Published on April 24, 2014

WSIAT recently held that a worker's loss of earnings benefits under the workers' compensation plan may not be offset by statutory pay in lieu of notice.

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Two Kicks at the Can: Worker Allowed to Re-litigate WSIB Accommodation Dispute at the Human Rights Tribunal

Time Published on November 12, 2013

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has ruled that an employee can effectively challenge a WSIB accommodation decision by human rights application.

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