Has BC Court opened the door to more court claims of harassment?

Time Published on April 09, 2019 User Stringer LLP

A recent case from the British Columbia Court of Appeal suggests that courts may have broader jurisdiction over human rights claims than they have previously asserted.

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Divisional Court Refuses to Hear Appeal of Certification in Evans v Bank of Nova Scotia

Time Published on December 22, 2014

Ontario's Divisional Court has refused the Bank of Nova Scotia's application for leave to appeal the decision certifying a privacy class action to proceed.

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Class Action Employment Lawsuit Filed Against Canadian Hockey League

Time Published on October 20, 2014

A freshly filed class action lawsuit combines two current trends in employment litigation: a crackdown on unpaid positions and enforcement by class action.

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Bank of Nova Scotia Overtime Class-Action Settles Out of Court

Time Published on August 27, 2014

The recent settlement of this overtime class action lawsuit, and the complexity and scope of retroactive liability, highlights the folly in the head in the sand approach.

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Landmark Decision on Certification of ESA Class Actions and Constructive Dismissal

Time Published on April 25, 2012

Ontario’s Divisional Court has upheld a lower court ruling refusing to certify a class action for statutory notice and severance pay, and in the process provided helpful guidance interpreting an earlier Ontario Court of Appeal decision on constructive dismissal.

Tag class actions,  constructive dismissal,  employment standards

Court Certifies Overtime Class Action

Time Published on March 10, 2010

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has ruled that representative plaintiff Cindy Fulakwa can proceed with her class action against Scotiabank on behalf of a class of more than 5,000 sales staff who worked in retail branches of Scotiabank from 2000 to the present. 

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