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Imminent AODA Compliance Reporting Deadline

By: Jeremy Schwartz and Amanda Boyce

Bring your current workplace policy manuals and laptops.  This practical seminar includes a hands-on workshop to help you tailor AODA policies to meet your organization’s needs.

AODA Compliance Reporting

Employers should be aware that AODA’s next compliance reporting deadline is just around the corner. There has been confusion in the past regarding which organizations must report compliance, regarding what standards, when, and how. So we’ve put together this specialized session, 2017 AODA Compliance Reporting Made Easy, to help you meet your compliance reporting obligations efficiently, and minimize risk to your organization.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (“AODA”) requires organizations that have one or more employees in Ontario to comply with certain standards. These standards require organizations to establish policies and procedures to assist people with disabilities in five areas: customer service, employment, design of public spaces, information and communication, and public transportation.

Requirements under these standards have come into force on rolling deadlines over the years, and we have now reached the point where all organizations, big or small, public or private, are expected to be compliant.

Similar to income tax, the government monitors AODA compliance initially through a self-reporting mechanism. The next compliance report is due to be filed by December 31, 2017.

Failure to file a report, or reporting non-compliance with a standard, can result in a range of penalties from inspections, administrative penalties, Director’s Orders, prosecutions and fines.

In the past, the government has sent out notices to organizations that have failed to file on time.  In a handful of cases, the Director imposed $2,000 fines on organizations that failed to file reports. Those fines were reduced by the Licence Appeals Tribunal partially on the basis that employers had only had one reporting cycle to adapt to the system.

As this is now the second reporting cycle, employers should expect a less tolerant approach. The Licence Appeals Tribunal is unlikely to be lenient the second time around.

The Seminar

Join us for our 2017 AODA Compliance Reporting Made Easy session – We will be discussing what organizations can expect from the government’s new simplified reporting system, and how to ensure that you can report compliance when the time comes. Participants are encouraged to bring copies of their workplace AODA policies to this event, as we will hold a review and discussion session in small groups.

This training seminar will provide you with practical, step-by-step guidance on how to comply with the requirements under the AODA. The seminar will utilize an interactive approach to ensure that participants not only gain a clear understanding of their obligations but leave with the tools needed to perfect their AODA policies and procedures.

At this interactive, half-day seminar you will learn:

  • The scope and purposes of the legislation and enforcement regime
  • Strategies and best practices to ensure ongoing compliance with the AODA and avoid unnecessary financial penalties
  • Practical advice on drafting AODA compliant policies and procedures

Space is limited! We are capping attendances in order to provide participants with a truly interactive and facilitative workshop.

Reserve your seat now!


HRPA Members: Attendees Receive 3.25 CPD Credit Hours toward HRPA Recertification

For more information contact: Jeremy D. Schwartz or Amanda D. Boyce