Wrongful Dismissal

The last thing you want to deal with is a lawyer's demand letter from a recently dismissed employee - especially one that's filled with embellishments and half-truths.

We help our clients evaluate and respond to such demands as well as wrongful dismissal lawsuits from former employees.  We provide strategic advice that is focused on our clients' interests and objectives.  This may involve negotiating a cost-effective early resolution or defending the case to trial, if necessary. 

Given our depth of experience in wrongful dismissal litigation, we have an understanding of some of the finer points that can arise in these cases, such as how settlements can be structured in a tax advantageous manner.  

Our experience also means we have a thorough knowledge of the how the Court's rules of procedure apply to wrongful dismissal lawsuits.  This can be a key advantage when dealing with opposing counsel, particularly if their practice is not limited to employment law. 

Please contact anyone from our team for assistance.

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