Executive Employment

Executive employment issues often require a combination of highly specialized expertise.  In addition to employment law, there are often tax and deferred compensation issues which arise.   Several of our lawyers regularly assist corporate counsel and employers with such issues.  This includes drafting or reviewing executive employment agreements for compliance with applicable employment laws.  In particular, we are often called upon to advise on non-competition and non-solicitation provisions, as well as termination provisions.  We partner with executive compensation consultants, professional tax advisors, and corporate counsel, as necessary, to ensure that all the requisite expertise is engaged to provide the best advice possible.

We also assist corporate counsel and professional advisors in drafting deferred compensation plans, to ensure that employment law considerations are factored into such plans. 

While we typically act for employers, we also provide independent legal advice to executives, whether as part of a hiring process or termination, or within the context of a larger corporate transaction or restructuring.  We understand that the nuances of a negotiation can change depending on the context, and our experience in working with corporate counsel and professional advisors allows us to provide practical advice and not get side-tracked with issues that are not all that material.

Please contact anyone from our team for assistance.

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