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Successfully Managing the Duty to Accommodate Employees with Disabilities
Benefits Of This Program:
  • Manage challenges without triggering avoidable liabilities
  • Avoid escalating costs for non-compliance
  • Restructure the workplace and the way work is done according to the current legal model of accommodation


  • How to meet your obligation to ensure a more inclusive workplace
  • The scope of the expanding accommodation obligations
  • How to implement strategies and policies to position your workplace to successfully deal with accommodation issues
  • How to deal successfully with specific accommodation challenges: disability-related absenteeism, substance abuse, disability impacting performance, psychiatric disabilities, stress; special attendance to: pregnancy, aging, religious observance; accommodation in the unionized setting
  • How to avoid expanding liabilities for incorrect accommodation

The Fundamentals

  • Current scope of duty to accommodate
  • Impact of duty to accommodate on the workplace and the employment relationship
  • Understanding and working with the key concepts relevant to implementing accommodation
  • Multi-party obligations; rights and responsibilities of necessary parties: employer, accommodated employee, union, other employees
  • Dealing with accommodation in a unionized setting
  • Successfully dealing with specific accommodation issues: disability-related absenteeism, substance abuse, aging workforce, psychological disabilities, the pregnant employee, WSIB issues, religious observance, family status

Implementation Demands

  • Successfully managing multi-party responsibilities
  • Understanding and implementing accommodation process requirements
  • Developing and implementing effective accommodation policies and protocols
  • Successfully managing medical information
  • Securing support and commitment for accommodation within your organization

Successfully Managing The Real Accommodation Issues

  • Disability-related absenteeism
  • Performance issues related to accommodation needs
  • The pregnant employee
  • The aging employee
  • The WSIB employee
  • Substance abuse/addiction issues
  • Accommodation in a unionized setting
  • Psychiatric disabilities
  • Perceived disabilities
  • Non-evident disability issues
  • Managing the challenge of access to medical information

Why Your Management Group And Organization Will Benefit From This Program

  • All workplaces are facing accommodation challenges on an increasingly regular basis
  • Human rights complaints relating to accommodation issues are rapidly increasing
  • Current legal model of accommodation demands a serious rethinking of workplace and work structure
  • Your organization requires new knowledge, new skills and policies, and strategies to ensure compliance
  • Liabilities for non-compliance are rapidly escalating with risk of exposure to years of lost wages

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Phone: +1 416-875-2235
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