Policy Development, Review, and Compliance Audits

Effective workplace policies are essential for employers in today's legal environment.  Various laws require employers to have policies that address specific issues, such as workplace violence and human rights. 

But more than just complying with legal requirements, workplace policies can protect employers' confidential information, contribute to a safer workplace and prevent lawsuits.  

We help employers develop policies with an eye to not complying with the law, but to ensuring that they make sense for their particular organizations and workforce.  We also frequently review existing policies or drafts prepared internal to ensure that they comply with the law and address our clients' particular needs.

We also help employers to identify exposure and opportunities for improvement by providing compliance audit services.  A compliance audit takes the guesswork out of ensuring that your organization is complying with the law.  Employers today face a maze of employment statutes and regulations that are beyond the power of any management team to be aware of. 

Our compliance audits can be focussed on one particular area or cover a wide range of matters.  They could be a high level overview or dig deeper into the day to day aspects of your workplace. 

We would be pleased to discuss what would be an appropriate size and scope of audit for your organization and what particular areas you may wish to focus on.

Please contact anyone from our team for assistance.

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