The most important assets of tech and hi-tech companies are the talents of their people and their ideas.  We help our tech and hi-tech clients protect these vital assets by advising on their H.R. policies and practices as well as in preparing appropriate contract and restrictive covenants.  When necessary we also handle litigation to obtain court orders to enforce those contracts and covenants.      

Our tech and hi-tech clients tend to be smaller, entrepreneurial companies with an eye toward growth.  We understand they can be sensitive to legal costs and are always open to alternative billing arrangements. 

We have assisted our technology clients:

  • with human resources policy review and development;
  • by advising on labour and employment issues on mergers, acquisitions and restructuring;
  • in preparing employee and executive employment agreements, and providing representation in wrongful dismissal litigation;
  • to implement and enforce confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-competition agreements, and defending clients in litigation and threatened litigation from competitors alleging breaches by former employees;
  • in litigation at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (including applications for certification, common employer/sale of business applications, and more);
  • in collective bargaining and arbitration;
  • when managing and appealing workers' compensation claims; and
  • by providing representation when defending charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.
  1. Event: 36th Annual Employers' Conference - Complimentary Webcast Edition
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