Green Energy

Government may have improved the landscape for so-called "green jobs" and the "green economy," through the FIT and other incentive programs, but it's the industry pioneers and innovators, along with an increasingly specialized workforce who are sewing the seeds of future growth.

We act for a number of green sector organizations, including industry associations, manufacturers, construction, installation and maintenance contractors.  With that experience, we have gained a broad and in-depth understanding of the sector, and we turn that expertise to the advantage of our clients. 

We regularly assist our clients in the green energy sector:

  • with health and safety and human resources policy review and development;
  • with contract review and development to address labour relations, health and safety and workers' compensation issues;
  • by advising on labour and employment issues on mergers, acquisitions and restructuring;
  • in litigation at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (including applications for certification, common employer/sale of business applications, and more);
  • in collective bargaining and arbitration;
  • in wrongful dismissal litigation;
  • to implement and enforce confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-competition agreements;
  • when managing and appealing workers' compensation claims; and
  • by providing representation when defending charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

Whether bidding on a job, tendering for subcontractors, fighting off a union organizing drive or effectively operating with the unions that represent your employees, knowing where you stand legally ensures you have the right foundation on which to build a strong and profitable business.

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