First Nations

First Nations councils, businesses and community groups strive to succeed in an increasingly more complex legal environment.  Recent court decisions have called into question whether certain business and employment relationships and obligations fall under federal or provincial regulation. 

Lawyers at Stringer understand how frustrating it can be to achieve business and service objectives - when meeting compliance obligations remains a moving target.  We are also familiar and sensitive to the unique community and political issues that often drive conflicts and shape resolutions.

We assist our First Nations clients:

  • with developing and implementing human resources policies;
  • with determining the legal regime under which their operations fall and understanding how to meet compliance targets;
  • by providing effective, practical advice and presentations to boards and band councils on labour and employment law issues;
  • by providing day-to-day, strategic advice and counsel;
  • by representing them when responding to demands from former employees and in wrongful dismissal and human rights litigation;
  • in workers' compensation claims management and applications for cost relief (SIEF) and transfer of cost adjudication; and
  • when defending charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.
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