Re-Balancing the Express Entry System – IRCC puts the focus on human capital, skills and experience

Time Published on November 21, 2016

On November 19, 2016, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”) announced changes to the Express Entry system designed to put greater weight on human capital, skills, and experience.

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Announcing our Complimentary Quarterly HR-Law Webinar (Q2)

Time Published on June 17, 2013

Our first quarterly, HR-Law Webinar was a great success, with over 150 registrants.  Thank you to those who joined us and those who contributed by providing insightful questions.  We are pleased to announce our second, complimentary webinar.

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New Developments in Immigration Law for Skilled Trades

Time Published on March 08, 2013

Employers should quickly take advantage of recent developments in the Federal Skilled Trades Program. A limited number of applications will be accepted each year.

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Minister Jason Kenney Announces changes to the Immigration System to Promote Canadian Labour Market

Time Published on April 30, 2012

The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made several announcements over the past couple weeks regarding proposed changes to our immigration system focused on Canadian labour market needs.

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Business Visitor Status - What Every International Organization Needs to Know

Time Published on August 29, 2011

The Conservative Government has expanded its efforts to crackdown on individuals who are abusing Canada’s immigration system. For Canadian companies that are affiliated to or do business with a company or companies located in another country, this political change means that travelling to and from Canada for business is going to be more difficult for your employees.  Learn about this development in our Latest Update.

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Immigration Law Update: Limits on Pool of Skilled Workers in Canada

Time Published on August 24, 2011

The Federal Skilled Worker program enables eligible workers in one of twenty-nine eligible occupations to apply to become permanent residents in Canada. In a press release dated June 25th, 2011, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration announced that between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012, a maximum of 500 Federal Skilled Worker applications in each of the 29 eligible occupations will be processed.  This is half of the 2010 quota.

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