Collective Agreement Negotiations: Essential Training for Management Representatives

Benefits of This Program:

  • Assistance for management representatives in understanding the process and challenges of collective bargaining
  • Preparing for complex and time consuming negotiations with unions that negotiate collective agreements on a full time basis
  • This program is suitable for all members of the employer’s negotiating team


  • Legal rules that govern the process and how to negotiate
  • How to plan and prepare for negotiations
  • What to include in proposals
  • How to analyse the union’s proposals to identify possible problems
  • How to arrive at an agreement that allows you to manage while building a constructive relationship with the union
  • Importance of projecting a clear and controlled message
  • What you must disclose to the union during negotiations
  • “Side bar” discussions and use of “back channels”
  • How to keep the process focussed and moving forward
  • What to do if a strike seems likely


  • Legal framework
  • Overview of the negotiating process
  • Negotiating specific clauses
  • Dealing with impasse

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